A day of firsts:

I have to admit, where I was once totally committed to this change because of my own vanity, after talking with the patients in the clinic and in the OR it was clear that I need to make this change into strength training to protect myself from osteo-issues. There were so many women in the clinic who had little muscle and very brittle bones–and they were so nervous when confronted with brain surgery (though one was only concerned about how much hair would be shaved and whether of not the sterilizing swabs would ruin her dye job). I don’t want to have to be that scared for my health someday. That was enough to push me a little harder the last couple of days.

I just got home from a very long day in the OR. I finally got to see some of the true colors of the OR today… The Chief and the Fellow were hilarious when the watchful eye of Dr. A was diverted in another room. I realized today that even when I “grow up”, I won’t have to be serious all of the time.

I need to go work out, but I needed some coffee first.

Maybe Dog will donate herself as a free weight today? What say you, Dog?

Maybe not.

Anyway, Boyfriend shared this link. Though the nerd in me thrives on hopes that mean people will be consumed in the Zombie Apocalypse (or will just be sucked up into the sky sometime soon), if one hasn’t a nerd bone in their body, the workout of the day is still a bitch (and therefore, worth it).

I use too many commas and parenthesis. I’ll work on it. I’m sorry.

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