The Dreaded Sinus Infection

Today I have done the following things:

1) Decided that I have a sinus infection and I’m actually going to have to suck it up and go get antibiotics.

2) Fell on my butt while trying to feed Dog in a hurry this morning (resulting in quite a bruise on my shin)

3) Grumped about the inadequacies of the pharmacy at Safeway

4) Missed going to the gym

5) Drank caffeine too late

I’ve really struggled with this whole sinus infection thing- mainly because I’ve been too worried about other things (car, finances, med school applications, MCAT scores coming back on Friday…ner ner ner) to even consider taking the hour to haul my ass up to employee health at the hospital. I know I must tomorrow, though, because I’ll be there in the OR anyway and due to my innate ability to sync up with the hormones of any woman within a 50 mile radius of me, I’m about to get irrationally emotional over everything from a persistent headache to not enough crust on my toast.

I really need to get to sleep – cut time is 7:30AM tomorrow.

Here’s something Boyfriend sent me to cheer me up. I love these puppies, dammit. I mean, look at him. Just look. He’s galloping toward you to flop on you and drool on your shoes. Exponentially. Cute. 

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