Oh where have I been…?

Though I highly doubt that anyone serially reads this blog (besides my one, dedicated follower….Boyfriend), I keep thinking that I really ought to explain my absence lest the world think me disinteresting.

Let me address why I have not posted:

1) I finally sent off my med school apps this week. Getting them done felt great at first– like wearing sequin tights– and then it started to feel horrible– like when other people catch you wearing sequin tights… I’ve been so nervous about getting secondaries that I’ve hardly played Frida (my cello) and I’ve got a half finished oil painting  in my living room.

2) I went home to visit my family. An interesting pursuit, as always. My mother (who I dare not try to explain) has only become crazier. Her life consists of a pack of cigarettes, Tums, red lipstick, a few saltines, singing lessons, and floor length fur coats to wear to the grocery. After a week of “you can’t get married fat” talks and “I still don’t see why you want to waste your life being a medical technologist (because any doctor that isn’t a PhD is a medical technologist), I was quite ready to come back to Portland.

3) I have another gross cold thing. My face is oozing. I am coughing. Generally, I am displeasing to look at. So it goes.

I guess like any pre-med student, I’m covering my ass by applying to DO schools as well. Those apps aren’t really due until December, but I’ve started them. I’ve decided that if I don’t get in anywhere, I’m taking off to Sweden.

Roommate is making brussel sprouts for dinner. <insert calvin and hobbes EW face here >

I need to do my hour long, online traffic school so I don’t have to pay my speeding ticket.

Oh what else? Here’s a picture.

Those are the fish in my bathroom.

And this is the view from my customary chair outside the OR. That is my coffee.

Now I’m just rambling.

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