Breadwig and other aspirations in cooking

We’ve all seen Julie and Julia. It was cute and we all wanted to write and cook afterwards, yelling “Buttah!, add MORE Buttah!.” Did we do it? No. Most of us continued to work like normal people.

So this morning, when my yeast culture Breadwig started bubbling with joy because he had been fed lots of yummy sugar, flour, and milk, it was Bran Muffin Time. Bran Muffin Time is a ritual in this house. Roommate and I eat mass quantities of bran, yogurt, and eggs. This recipe has all of those things. As I enjoyed my bran muffin (or rather, while I longed to be able to smell and taste its wonder through congestion) with butter, I started thinking. If I can make Bran Muffins, I can definitely make butter. I mean, old people did it…it can’t be that hard, right?

Well, I don’t own a cow… So I’m going to try it with heavy cream using the instructions this lady has on her blog. I enjoy her wit, and I’ll probably enjoy her butter. Also, I wish I had a stand mixer, but all I have is a hand held. I figure I should just sack up because I don’t have to milk the cow or hand churn the butter outside wearing an oppressive bonnet and dress while being actively ashamed of my vagina.

Also, this lady makes a pretty mean cupcake. Just saying, she’s kind of boss. Her name is Joy. Lucky. And she’s pretty funny. I’ve made her breakfast hash a few times (with veggie sausage of course).

Other things: Here’s how to make cottage cheese.

How to move to Sweden.

Going to walk Dog and Roommate now.






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