My Body- My Food

I’m realizing, as I gather information, as I cook and eat and run and recover, that I am slower on animal products. It was interesting to note that as soon as I moved in with my roommate, I was being pressured to get my protein from dairy. Whenever I got sick, “maybe you need a cheese stick; you could probably use the protein” or “you probably aren’t getting enough calories.”

Tonight, on a whim, I decided to relax in my new IKEA sheets and eat my tomato soup while watching the documentary Forks Over Knives. I thumbed through The China Study once before when I had tried a raw diet to try to lose weight. It’s true that at one point, I hid an eating disorder behind my dietary choices. I ate only vegan foods because it was easier to restrict calories. But when I met Boyfriend, I was a freshman in college, a vegetarian running 10 miles a day on 500 calories. I was unhealthy; I was constantly working against a sports injury; I was tired. Boyfriend addressed the self esteem issue. I gained a best friend and a support system. After two years of dating, Boyfriend and I decided that our ethical hearts wanted to be on a vegan diet. And it was hard to transition. Meat and dairy are addictions. And honestly, cheese is fucking tasty.

Recently, I have been consuming cheeses. I’ve been off the vegan diet for about three and a half months. So far I have gotten severe colds and flu at least 4 times, my blood sugar has been inconsistent, I’ve had sports related injuries and joint pain (calcium leaching from my bones to support the heightened blood acidity dairy promotes), and I’ve been slowed. It was so easy to blame it on the weather. Portland is always raining. It was easy to say that the dairy and eggs I ate were from local, small farms. And hey, everything was okay because I still didn’t eat meat.

Forks Over Knives addresses the disease caused by the new human diet. It is terrifying. Bone chilling. It made me want to move to Holland and raise hundreds of vegan babies on an animal rescue farm. That kind of scary. It isn’t okay– this diet we have now. This is what’s killing all of the people around me. These are the people I’m going to treat in medicine.

I’m not in a position where I have to start defending my food choices again. Plant -based only, vegan diet. I feel like I was a much better athlete on that diet. Paleo worked for a little while, but I think it has done me more harm than good in the long run. It’s going to be difficult, but I think that I’m more than ready.

So to end, I encourage anyone to watch or read Forks Over Knives (which is on Netflix instant watch)  and The China Study. 

Also, Radical Face was featured in the documentary and I fell in love with their music. Here’s one of my favorite songs. Check them out. 

Also, this tumblr is amazing: Our Skin. It’s all about showing the whole world your imperfections. Submit. It’s liberating. And do yourself a favor… work on yourself today. No other person but yourself. Call me radical if you want- or extreme- but do something to educate yourself about your world, your food, and your overall health. Then get up and do something productive.

:}D                mustache for good luck






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