Babysitting and Weight Lifting

Not necessarily related…

I just finished being sick and started lifting again. So my pansy arms are starting to actually get some definition again. Also, for posterity’s sake–this is what my hair actually looks like:

I know, huge right? Just look at it!

Woah.      Also…All of my Lauryn Hare photos are tacked on my wall these days. I don’t know how I want to frame them. IKEA is cheap, but pretty sterile… what to do?


So about babysitting: This little Buggar (which is what Roommate called him the entire time he was here after making the comment that she was going to call her kids Pooter and Squirt until the day she died), was a sweetheart. He followed me around like crazy, trying to do whatever I did. So I did an experiment to glean as many staged child labor photos as I possibly could… FailBlog edits will probably follow…

Buggar waiting for the streetcar, when he finally realized that his mom was gone and some stranger has abducted him. 

Buggar duels with the doorstop after weighing himself and deciding there was nothing to live for anymore.

I told him, “Buggar, if you finish your chores, you can go to the ball.”

Buggar learned quickly that height does matter.

Fuck it all. Meringue never turns out right.

Reading on fashion– writing about circles.

Buggar left yesterday. It took a serious rest to get over running about after him. Re-veganizing my life has been difficult, but I’ve already started feeling better (and more energetic).


I love Kimbra…a ridiculous amount:

Also, you should think about downloading The Suicide Girl’s Guide to Life. Five dollars for an hour and a half of pure, unconventional beauty. Makes me feel like a rock star in my tattoos and Superman tee.

Have a stellar night!

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