Home Sweet Home

Oh, Thanksgiving—

There’s not much hilarity in the episode my mother had that landed her in the hospital. So, we’ll avoid the details, and I’ll just mention that sitting in the ER for 20+ hours made me realize how necessary nationalized healthcare is. There were so many children in the ER that should have  just been able to go to a walk-in clinic. What would this solve?

1) Hospitals wouldn’t go under and doctors would actually get paid because all would be insured.

2) Less money would be spent on severe treatments because preventive health would be in full swing.

3) The ER wait would be much shorter.

So that’s my spiel. It might seem pretty hypocritical because I do plan on being a physician. Once I have the debt of medical school, I’ll need the doctor’s income to pay it off–which would not be covered by nationalized health care plans…

Let’s all just move to Denmark…

Now for fun stuff:

This is an image that Boyfriend sent to me. It’s a design from Threadless.com, a T-shirt store online. They’re having a huge sale right now, so if you like graphic tees, this is your place.

My Aunt and Uncle brought down my grandmother’s old hats and furs. I’m totally against fur, but there’s a point when you kind of have to put your qualms away so that you can pull your grandmother around you again. Once my sister caught me taking pictures of my grandmother’s mink hat and coat, she decided to get in on the fun. We’ve been practicing  her makeup for prom. She would look so great in Veronica Lake makeup. Pixiwoo (youtube) did a really great tutorial. I absolutely adore the two sisters who run that channel. They’re from the UK and they’re absolutely brilliant at makeup.

I can tell my sister is going to be quite the starlet someday. She has quite the flair for the dramatic. See below:

I don’t know where on earth she gets it from … *shift eyes*

I just want to be Ginger Rogers when I grow up.

Catch you back in Portlandia.

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