Introducing my son…

I have highlighted the life and meanderings of Ween many times.

Lily was feeling multicultural tonight. Because of the holidays, all of the girls in the apartment (Boyfriend’s roommates- Barbara and Meghan) painted their toenails in glitter. Even Lily has pink glittery nails. If the cat hadn’t retractable claws, he would have probably been blasted by the aftermath as well.

Here is Cat being a spook. This cat, as plastic and friendly as he is, just makes me miss my niece-cat, Alice, terribly. Though we don’t really get to…ehrm…cuddle (she’s mostly demonic), she let’s me entertain her with a laser pointer, which makes me tickled. Her humans (Annie and Dallin) are my best friends. They have also given me a God-Cat, Hellen, who is….illusive…if not slightly invisible. She’s a great hider despite the fact that she’s built like a Hun.

Speaking of Huns- if Hellen were to marry a human it would be this rhinoceros, Boyfriend’s BFF, Luke. I can’t tell you all of the warm and fuzzy feelings I have for this monster. He’s a sweetheart, but beyond that, he’s taken Noah under his wing. Where most men cast out the odd duck, these two have become brothers of the gym, brothers in veganism, and brothers in general, I suppose. He would do anything to protect Noah, so I feed him and try not to insult his man-hood.

Here is Barbara, Noah’s best friend from high school. Above her is her boyfriend Guillaume. He’s from France and calls her Bah-Bah, which makes me super tickled.

Boyfriend has played video games a bit since he’s been out of school. A nice mental break. I think he’s pretty cute.

This is my son, Miles. He’s not all there…but we still love him. He has a really sweet personality… Oh here, I’ll sum it up: If a southern woman had to talk about him, she wouldn’t get more than a couple words into a sentence before collapsing into “Oh, Bless his heart.” Miles is a Yorkie/Schnauzer thing. When I got here, he looked like a giant matted hairball. This lucky little DipStick got a bath, a comb, and a hair cut. He looks more like a dog now.


Tomorrow, some thing with Noah’s family. Wish me luck!



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