Picture Day

First I share with you some things I like:

My Pintrest

Urban Farmer Heirloom Seeds! (So we don’t have to use ridiculous GMOs!)

American Alsatains (built to look like Dire wolvesGame of Thrones anybody?)

Scottish Deerhounds (look at that fucking face)

Redheads–wish my hair was redder!

This tattoo:

And this one:

I LOVE the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I will most definitely get “Don’t Panic” tattooed on me in friendly letters someday.

Noah and I took pictures the other day. I’m trying to get better about accepting my face on the other side of the lens. 

And now…it’s New Years.

Resolutions? To think about all the things I do to my body. What I eat, how I love it, and how I respect it.


Fuck….I have to write 2012 now…..

By the way, I spent all night constructing a Lego Millennium Falcon… Jesus…How do I have friends?

One response to “Picture Day

  1. Um, because your best friend would *also* spend all night building a Millennium Falcon out of Legos. Just saying.

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