Is it just me…

Or is this the coolest bullshit on the damn planet….

MIT is offering downloadable Open Course Materials

Basically, I can self study with all of the same materials offered to students of MIT–in courses I want to take without the stress of exams (though I believe you can take them self-proctored) or the threat of a lost degree and without any fees.

Uhm….not only are there language classes (with video instruction), but we’re talking fluid dynamics, engineering courses, advanced genomics…the works….

The best part about all of this?

I’m not in school, I can read whatever I want in my spare time. There might not be a whole lot of spare time–but if I can self teach (with the aide of brilliant professors at MIT) brain anatomy and the like, I’ll be a happier camper in medical school next year.


This is awesome.

I feel like some kind of power hungry learning demon now….


Could use a graphic from Allie at Hyperbole and a Half right about now.

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