Okay Kids….it’s time

You know we all make up our minds (when we’re told to) around the beginning of the new year– to do something worth remembering, to have a positive effect on the world around us, and to do something more. When I was younger (and markedly less fit), I always vowed to get down to a proper weight– to push myself harder to look “normal”.

Hey, little me– Remember what Alice said about mad people? “All the best people are.”

I have started myself on a new project–now that I am better rested from my trip over to see Boyfriend. I have decided to take my dedication to my health one step further. I am a runner. I am also a huge fan of Kina Grannis. She has an incredibly earthy voice. Recently, she won some contest deal (which I totally didn’t know until I surfed around my subscriptions on youtube a few days ago) and is now very much well known. She deserves it. So do all of our ears. Sample:

Isn’t she the damn cutest thing on the planet? This is her newest project–and mine.

So, I’ve created a page via RunTeamKina.com where you can donate money or track my successes. My personal page is linked here (my personal page link is called “stepsinbetween”); my goal is to raise $100.00. Coming from a girl who is busting her butt to get just a job of her own (overqualification….bitches), I know this is a big dedication. The amount of money doesn’t seem substantial, but I’m dedicated to the cause and hope that you’ll join me. Please keep in mind that if money is not something you have to give, you can give your promise to live a healthier, more sustainable life. Giving hope to all around you does much more than money ever will.

The Run Team Kina website provides a link to find a race near to you. The one closest to the donation time frame for me is the Portland Shamrock Run. I’m going to torture my roommate until she decides to do it with me. The website also gives you training schedules to prepare yourself for your length of race. Neato, Kina, neat-freakin’-O. I’m going to be tracking my miles and training on dailymile.com. It’s kind of like that Tweeter thing, but with running (at least that’s what they say- I cannot verify. I only made a Tweeter account so I could have Pintrest).

So please join up.

Make a commitment with me?

Also, I have a new fish. A beta named Ford Prefect. Read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or you’re dead to me.

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