Mostly Harmless

So, I did get a new tattoo. But before I let you see it, I’m going to make a few faces:

Well maybe just one face… this is my hipster face, since V thinks that I am one deep down inside (under the nerd).

HIIII-YAH. “Don’t Panic” . There you have it. If you haven’t read Hitchhiker’s Guide, you’re going to think I am incredibly lame and weird and probably stupid. I don’t really mind.

Also, I tried one of those mermaid hair tutorials… I ended up looking like I’d been put through a tumble dry. See my NOT enthused face below:

derp. derp. derp.

Also… Bah Bah (Boyfriend’s roommate) got her nips pierced. My turn is tomorrow. Wish me luck?

God, blogging is so self centered…I’mma go read up on brains now.

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