Karate…with a stump

So today was not a particularly shiny day for me. I came home from a long day at clinic with a long list of things to change for my project to be accepted by the chair, a necessary step before being submitted to publish. When I checked the mail, there were two rejection letters from medical school. When I checked my email, there were three rejection emails for jobs (you know, the paying kind). I went into a very foul mood. Even curling my hair while watching a silly chick flick didn’t help- neither did broccoli and spinach, which are my two very most favorite vegetables.

After a short Skype date with Boyfriend, I decided to call my mom to talk to her about my overwhelmed feeling. I mean, here I was, trying to do all I could as an applicant in the work force and I was being poked at whilst drowning.

Mom told me stories about when she was trying to get through to her post-doc, which were very inspirational. What helped me the most? My father (who is being extra-adorable and getting back into karate) has decided to go down to California to see his very first sensei (from the 70s). Apparently, according to mom, this guy is in his nineties and had his leg amputated due to severe diabetes. He’s still doing karate.



In my head, all I could think of was Monty Python.


I’m going to hell. So is my mom. We laughed hysterically for about ten minutes straight about crossing hot coals with a stump, beating people to death with a stump, committing hari kari with a stump—I digress.

My point is this– though a 90 year old man doing karate with one leg is incredibly impressive, every time I think of stump karate, I giggle.

Not unlike the time I shaved the family pomeranian and then died her tail pink and purple. The stupid dog still kind of likes me. Freak.

Mom said she’d send a video once she got one of dad’s sensei. Get ready.

Thank God very few people read this blog.

Did I mention that I’m going to hell?

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