So, I won’t lie and say that I’ve remained strictly vegan since I got back from SC– though I have dramatically decreased my milk products and have definitely gone to the gym more. I feel like I’m basically starting my weight training over. This makes me rather sad. I’ll lift today (and every other day) to get myself back.

Since I’ve been home, though, I’ve felt bloated–less than sexy–fat. And even though I’ve lost whatever weight I put on over the month of December (probably out of sheer stress), I still feel flabby. I know weight lifting will shift things back into place, but I feel unsettled when I’m more…jiggly.

So, I’m thinking that I might revert back to my purge/cleanse state. Basically, it means regulating my body very tightly. Excessive amounts of water and teas, no animal products (which is a FANTASTIC way to transition back into total veganism), no fats (oils, butters), no synthetics, no white sugar, no processed flour. Hopefully, this will help me re-balance my body. I know I feel better when I’m totally vegan- yogurt can’t make up for the sugar I’ve been eating. :/

Sigh. 12 weeks. They say it’s supposed to take 12 weeks to really notice a significant change. So here I go- 12 weeks of toxin purge. 😀

My inspiration? Dragon abs.

Yep. Soon to be mine.

Also, I’m making the dedication to regulate my sleep. 8 hours a night. Even if it means going to sleep at 9PM.

This is what else I’ll do to make sure that my body is as clean as possible:


Eat well (and often)

Sit (yoga)

Boyfriend is going to help me come up with a plan for lifting, which I’m excited about. He’s learned a whole lot about body stabilizing moves from lifting the last few months.

Bah- work out time.

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