Miss Kina Helps Me Get Through Data

And believe me– there’s a lot of data. I’ve spent this morning reflecting. I should have been working, but I’ve had such a hard time accepting my medical school defeats recently. I know that I’m better suited as a DO, but I didn’t expect an overwhelming, resounding, “WHAT YOU? YOU HERE? YEAH,…NO.” 

What will I do if I don’t get into any medical schools? I have a job offer to write papers for one of the neurosurgeons that I work for now–except this time, he’ll pay me. Down side? I’d have to move to Kansas City. I’m a ginger- it’s much too hot there. I would, however, re-apply.

As roommate said last night– “This personal growth thing is too hard. I’m done with it. I’m ready for things to go my way 95% of the time. Now where is my rich husband?”

In other news–February has started. Once my paper is back up on its feet, I’ll be fund raising for RunTeamKina.

Back to my pressing forward mentality. Mantra? Pride is Flexible- Pride is Flexible- Pride is Flexible….

If you never try, you’ll never know–just what you’re worth.

Here goes.

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