Hunger Games

So last night was a bit rough- I found out that I didn’t get into another medical school. And though I still have hope, I’m getting pretty worn down. I have a lot of responsibility at work now (even though I’m not paid), and money, as always, is tight. Last night, after a week of totally clean eating, I sat on my bed, sobbed, drank three glasses of white wine while watching Xena-Warrior Princess, and konked out around 9:30 PM.

This episode has its upsides-

I slept really ridiculously hard for the first time in a couple of weeks.

Because I went to bed so early, I woke up super early so I didn’t feel like a total toad for sleeping in.

I got to the gym before all of the other Friday Night Drunkies did.

I beasted my workout at the gym because I’m convinced that someday, I’ll have to compete in the Hunger Games.

I made vegan cream of asparagus soup– which was so tasty I can’t even describe it. You should all try it. Add another cup of veggie broth and cut three yukon gold potatoes into it. Also, use all 5 cloves of garlic, add the flour to the veggies and let it simmer with them, and add the juice from half a lemon and fresh ground pepper and a little nutmeg. I LOVE THIS SOUP.  This is coming from a girl that isn’t crazy about asparagus at ALL. I attribute the awesomeness of this soup to the the Film Scores Channel on Pandora Radio, because it’s really easy to feel like a badass when the theme music of your life is heard by all. Well, by you and your wiener dog…whatever.

I took weenie on a walk in the sunshine.

And I forgave myself for my frustration. Today, I’m focusing on cooking for the week and my plans for self improvement. Basically, I plan on being a badass. Be prepared.

Dog likes sunshine. She says, “HUZZAH!”

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