Life Plan: Round 2

So, I have decided to re-evaluate. First, I’ll mention that I was surprised to find that the Fellow at my work was offering me a job as an outside consultant. This means that I don’t necessarily have to move to Kansas City for the job, but it also means that I will not have a set schedule, which I’m a bit bummed about.

I’m realizing very quickly that I need to find work. I think I might try for the island again. I could use that stability while the Fellow figures himself out in Kansas City. Plus, that would give me a nice place to focus my efforts on applications.

Though I still have this lingering hope that I’ll get into the DO school in Lebanon, it seems this wasn’t my year for medicine. I was really unhappy about that for some time, but I know that my endeavors from this year will make me an amazing candidate in the future. Plus, I’ve been thinking about getting my masters or a Ph.D. and then going for my MD at an accelerated program for those who already have advanced degrees.

So that leads me to this: I am going to apply to medical school again, but I am also going to apply to grad school. I think I have a good chance at getting into OSU’s microbiology grad program. I’m particularly interested in immunology. I always have been– I’ve just also had a whole damn lot on my plate. I’m getting there, though. Apparently, this is just the nutty part of the early twenties.

SO. Maybe I’m not moving far away! Maybe I’ll get into the DO school! OR MAYBE, I’ll just say fuck it and go get a Ph.D first.


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