Getting Ready

I have moved.

Though I have not moved far, I now have boyfriend, two dogs, a house, a full sized refrigerator, a Pfaff 130 (yummmm), and a desire to decorate.

I will, of course, be decorating on a budget. But what I love most about this new place–what I love even more that the fact that I didn’t have to give a deposit or that I have free range to paint– I. GET. TO. HOMESTEAD.

Seriously. If I wanted a pig, these people wouldn’t even flinch. I already have plans to fence in a large garden and get it tilled and percolating with yummy compost this winter (the lack of snow on the island will help).

So this brings me to the point of this post: I ordered seed catalogs today. I also found a really expensive website,, which had Beekman seeds available for sale. Of course I tracked down Beekman seeds to see if I could get a free catalog. No free catalog, but possibly the cutest discovery of my ENTIRE LIFE. Cute, little, possibly gay boy goat farmers….uhm….yes please.

Beekman 1802 Blog


I’m thinking about opening a new wordpress blog for my sewing/homesteading adventures and keeping this one for just my buddies. I know you people are the only ones who read this bullshit and I heart you for it.



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