My life is composed of several million sideways vectors. I’ve never written a blog before, mainly because I prefer to keep to myself. I am, however, attempting to create a space where I can offer some sort of reference for some strange soul who might need outside perspective. These are the things I am good at:

  • veganism
  • microbiology
  • stressing about medical school
  • dating a transgendered male (ftm)
  • cello
  • raising a wiener dog who may or may not be an infiltrator of alien origin
  • people watching
  • triathlons
  • being a stereotypical Oregonian
I do not like these things:
  • poor punctuation and spelling
  • when not following written instructions backfires miserably and your book shelf looks like it has Ebola
  • when my slightly autistic behavior turns me into a social retard
  • bug killers
This website might be slow to start.

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