Silent Sunday

To be the little girl

To have this whole thing unfold in front of you

For the Hurting

New friends-

This is my new friend Erinn’s blog. She’s gorgeous- a little Bettie look alike with straight across bangs and a wicked sense of humor. She’s saving up money now to go to a shoe design school in London. She has two ridiculous cats, Jasper and Doris.

Soul mates.

The Island

Thought I would share some photos, the first being a picture of the dog.

This is how Lily feels about wearing sweaters.

This is the view from my balcony.

And the balcony.

And my kitchen.

I made bran muffins this morning with my share of the bread culture, which I re-named Brotwig. Also, because the spa is training a bunch of new employees this summer, I was used as a practice body. Naked on a table with four ladies rubbing me with hot rocks. Not terribly relaxing.